As an education brand with international influence, FPT Education has expanded to a full range of educational levels, contributing to nurturing high-quality human resources for the labor market.

  • Elementary, middle and high school

  • College, Under-graduate Education to Post-graduate Education

  • International Affiliate Programs, International Student Training

  • Short-term Training Programs for Enterprises

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Post-graduate Education and Training Programs for Enterprises

The FPT School of Business (FSB) has many years of experience in training the personnel of corporations, companies, and small and medium enterprises in Vietnam. Many leaders and managers of large enterprises have joined advanced leadership and management courses of FSB.

FSB will design appropriate training programs to meet the specific needs of each business with the important goal of improving the quality of human resources and other issues that businesses are interested in.

In addition, FSB has offered many courses for enterprise administrators such as the Mini MBA, for functional officers (CFOs and CCOs) and middle-level managers. Recently, FSB has implemented some training and preparation courses for international profession certificates such as PHR (HR Certification) and PMP (Project Management Professional Certification)...

International Affiliate Programs

Globalization and international cooperation have become inevitable trends in many areas, including economics, culture, society, science and especially education.

Attending international joint training programs help students approach new learning methods, acquire updated information and learn under professional conditions.

FPT is one of the first organizations to transfer and implement international standard training programs in Vietnam such as:

  • International programmer training for FPT Aptech

  • Multimedia Arts Training for FPT Arena

  • Hardware and networking training for FPT Jetking

  • International Bachelor Degree Program for Greenwich Vietnam

  • Top-up Bachelor Degree Training

  • British College BTEC

Under-graduate Education

FPT University was established with the mission to develop a ‘new generation university’ with a modern educational philosophy which combines training activities with the actual need for skills in the country, leveraging Vietnam to a level at which it can compete with developed countries in the world. FPT University trains industrial engineers, and this requires a close association with IT firms, combining training with reality to be able to implement the most advanced technologies.

98% of FPT University graduates get a job within 12 months of graduation with an average salary of 8.3 million; 15% of graduates work for foreign countries and more than 30% work for FPT after graduation.

Vocational Education

With the 'Practical Study - Real Business' philosophy, FPT Polytechnic - the vocational college of FPT University - develops the project-learning methodology. Accordingly, the deployment of training programs will be project-oriented for each semester and practice-oriented for each subject. They are also designed for closely meeting the needs of business and market.

FPT Polytechnic now has training facilities in all three regions of the country with a community of more than 12,600 students and alumni. 95% of graduates have jobs within 1 year after graduation. Many of them have been employed by enterprises even before their graduation

Funix Online Education

TFUNiX Online Education offers IT training programs. Students at FUNiX take an active role in their learning, with the support of Hannahs (student success advisor) and under the technical guidance of IT professionals in the role of mentors.

FUNiX applies the advancements in technology and internet to give students the chance to go at their own pace, study with the best digital learning material in the world, and connect with mentors/potential employers, from the very first day.

FUNiX moves everything online so that everyone can have an Information Technology education, no matter the age, occupation, and location. Students here are able to enjoy close connections with prospective employers, study fast, and earn money early. FUNiX offers the following programs:

  • Studying transferable modules to earn a bachelor degree

  • Studying to work with curriculum built upon industrial partners' recruitment needs

  • Studying for advanced IT knowledge (Data Science, Machine Learning, IOT, Blockchain, Automotive...)

  • Study to learn basic IT knowledge

FPT Schools System

Established in 2013, FPT Schools system is under FPT Education, which is a high-quality education system consisting of 3 levels (primary, secondary and high school) with many campuses in provinces and cities nationwide. 

FPT Schools, with the philosophy "Being better by making differences", have become the pioneers to facilitate students' experiences through training knowledge and skills, providing them with opportunities to discover themselves, orienting them based on creative and considerate point of view, and applying advanced educational technology. Together with standard curriculum from the Ministry of Education and Training, FPT Schools have also integrated necessary education programs, including:

- Personal Development Program (PDP)

- STEM - Informatics - Technology 4.0

- English Program with foreign teachers

- Subjects with Vietnamese identity

Currently, FPT Schools are in Hanoi, Bac Ninh, Hai Phong, Da Nang, Quy Nhon, Can Tho and will continue opening schools in many other cities and provinces in Vietnam.