“Respect – Innovation – Teammate – Fairness – Exemplarity – Visionary” core values are considered indispensable parts of FPT’s DNA. They represent the spirits of FPT and also the driving force of all of FPT’s leaders and employees who seek to constantly innovate and strive for the common benefits of community, customers, shareholders and other stakeholders.


FPT embraces the differences of individuals, irrespective of hierarchical positions and relations. We also foster a supportive work environment for employees' continuous development and authentic self-expression.


We are always proactively keeping ourselves updated with new management and business methodologies, and constantly giving the best conditions for every talent lifelong learning. We also make progressive investment in research and development initiatives, promulgate policies to promote innovation and creativity in order to maintain the leading position in emerging technologies, products, solutions, and services.


The essence of respect, friendship, and solidarity. A sense of familial unity permeates, where every individual is embraced with love, nurtured, and shielded by the collective. Regardless of position, each member of the FPT family is infused with the spirit of solidarity and resilience, hand in hand toward a shared objective.


At FPT, every decision is made with absolute fairness, irregards of personal biases or status considerations. The organization's interests always take precedence over personal benefits.


Leaders must be the ones who best demonstrate the Spirit of FPT and the values of “Respect – Innovation – Teammate".


FPT requires leaders to have long-term visions and assertiveness.

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