FPT 2023 Annual Report: Ascending to New Heights, Trailblazing to Uncharted


The theme of "Ascending to new heights, Trailblazing to Uncharted" in the FPT Annual Report for 2023 signifies FPT's ongoing dedication to scaling new heights and transforming opportunities into tangible outcomes.

The report comprehensively analyzes the business outcomes of 2023, presents updated strategies for the upcoming years, and outlines plans for 2024. Additionally, it features significant content including messages from the Chairman and the CEO, highlighting FPT's remarkable achievements at its 35-year milestone across all three business sectors. Notably, it emphasizes the milestone achievement of reaching 1 billion USD in revenue from IT services for foreign markets.

FPT 2023 Annual Report: Ascending to New Heights, Trailblazing to Uncharted

Particularly noteworthy, the Corporation has unveiled its commitments and sustainable development goals across four key aspects: Governance, Working Environment, Environmental Activities, and Social Responsibility. Additionally, it has disclosed data concerning greenhouse gas emissions.

2023 is the 4th consecutive year that FPT continues its streak of innovation by releasing both PDF and Digital versions of its Annual Report. These versions feature content in diverse formats, including videos, charts, graphics, and creatively designed, highly interactive illustrations.

The digital version boasts an impressively designed homepage and content pages, clearly illustrating the Corporation's most significant achievements in 2023. This design allows investors to experience vivid content at every touchpoint of the report.

Meanwhile, the PDF version, spanning over 200 pages, features a highlight with cover stories and transition pages detailing FPT's journey to surpass the peak and expand in 2023. Content pages are equipped with a dynamically designed table of contents, enabling readers to locate information conveniently.

In 2023, marking its 35-year milestone, FPT attained a new global stature: entering the league of billion-dollar IT service enterprises. Its technological prowess, particularly in emerging technologies, garnered consistent recognition from customers, partners, and esteemed entities worldwide. Domestically, FPT further solidified its position as the foremost digital transformation and green transformation partner for top businesses listed in the VNR 500, as well as for organizations and localities across the nation.

The Telecommunications Service sector remained steadfast, diligently tracking market areas, maintaining customer loyalty, and enhancing operational efficiency, proven by remarkable milestones in business performance. The sector achieved 04 million Internet subscribers. Data Center services experienced an impressive growth rate of over 30%. Additionally, sports and music content generated copyright revenue that exceeded expectations.

The Education sector maintained its nationwide expansion efforts, prioritizing the delivery of superior learning experiences to students. We have extended our reach to an additional 10 localities, including Bac Giang, Binh Phuoc, Ha Nam, Khanh Hoa, Nam Dinh, Nghe An, Quang Nam, Thanh Hoa, Vinh Phuc, and Vung Tau. This expansion has been accompanied by rapid infrastructure development to ensure adequate learning facilities, with a total construction floor area spanning 170,000 square meters.

We navigated through all challenges with minimal reliance on luck but mainly with solid pillars: management, discipline, technology, human resources, and culture.

Entering 2024, FPT maintains its commitment to ambitious targets, aiming for a projected growth of 17.5% in revenue and 18.2% in profit before tax. Additionally, FPT is poised to seize significant opportunities ahead, contributing to its perpetual development alongside Vietnam.

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