FPT Extends International Startup Network Opportunity to Vietnamese Startups


FPT and NVIDIA collaborated to host the Startup Empowerment event, specifically for Vietnam's startup community. Themed "Unveiling the Gateway to Global Innovation," the event gave local startups a chance to join NVIDIA Inception, an esteemed international startup network, and engage in discussions with prominent technology experts.

NVIDIA's global startup program comes to Vietnam

The event took place at FPT headquarters on June 28, 2024, attracting participation from significant technology corporations and investment funds such as ThinkZone, DoVenture, VinaCapital, and over 200 leaders from local startups. To register for the event, visit https://fptsmartcloud.vn/JMyeZ.

During the event, experts from FPT and NVIDIA will present the latest insights on the development trends in Generative AI, along with groundbreaking technology solutions tailored for research, development, and deployment of large-scale artificial intelligence and machine learning applications.

FPT and NVIDIA bring the global startup program to Vietnam. Photo: FPT

FPT and NVIDIA bring the global startup program to Vietnam. Photo: FPT

As part of the event, NVIDIA representatives will introduce the NVIDIA Inception startup program for the first time in Vietnam. Startups joining NVIDIA Inception will benefit from privileges, including access to the latest technology resources, participation in training programs, and professional support from experienced technology experts provided by NVIDIA and FPT. Additionally, startups will gain connections to major funds and investors, facilitating the promotion of their solutions and brands in international markets.

FPT and NVIDIA are expanding their program in Vietnam to provide Vietnamese startups with opportunities to access and learn the latest advancements in AI from top developers, scientists, and researchers while also expanding their international cooperation networks. Since 2016, NVIDIA has nurtured a startup ecosystem encompassing over 19,000 startups globally, focusing on AI, Deep Learning, Data Science, High-Performance Computing, Graphics, Virtual Reality, and Video Games technologies.

AI - A new playground for talented startups

AI remains a prominent topic in 2024, with the remarkable and ongoing advancements in AI technology, particularly in Generative AI, sparking a global revolution. This technology fundamentally reshapes business operations and user experiences across various facets of society. According to Goldman Sachs forecasts, global AI investments are expected to reach 200 billion USD by 2025, primarily targeting the training and development of AI models, computing infrastructure, and the creation of AI-driven applications.

The field of AI remains a focal point for global investment (Source: Goldman Sachs)

The field of AI remains a focal point for global investment (Source: Goldman Sachs)

Aligned with global trends, the Government of Vietnam has launched the National Strategy on Artificial Intelligence, collaborating with major domestic and international technology corporations to advance research, development, and application projects. This initiative aims to integrate AI technology into essential products with substantial investments and ambitious plans.

The increasing interest and investment in the AI sector are creating significant opportunities for Vietnamese technology businesses, particularly startups, by opening a new arena for talented entrepreneurs to experiment, develop, and innovate with novel business models.