Mr. Truong Gia Binh to join the Da Nang DX Specialist Consultation Committee

FPT’s Chairman will serve as a consultant for the city’s leadership on the matters of strategy, planning, technological investment, manpower, etc… in order to facilitate the digital transformation process in Da Nang.


Mr. Le Trung Chinh, Chairman of Da Nang’s People’ Committee, has just approved of the establishment of the city’s digital transformation specialist consultation group, as well as personally hand-picking the team’s members. Among them, Vice-chairman Le Quang Nam will take on the responsibilities of Director.

Also joining the committee are Mr. Nguyen Huy Dung, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Information and Communications; Mr. Nguyen Quan, Former Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology; Mr. Bui Văn Ga, Former Minister of Ministry of Education; Mr. Truong Gia Binh, Chairman of FPT Corporation, as well as the top specialists from across the nation. 

The committee will advise the city’s leadership on the matters of strategy, planning, technological investment, manpower, developmental trends, etc… in order to facilitate the local transformation process.

Mr. Truong Gia Binh Chairman of FPT Corporation will serve as the digital transformation consultant for the city leadership of Da Nang

In addition, the People’ Committee had also assigned the Ministry of Information and Communications as the governing body of Da Nang Digital Transformation Specialist Consultation Committee, tasked with facilitating and regulating their operations and that of their assistants, overseeing the scope of their projects, and reporting back to the PC’s chairman for approval.

Currently, FPT is in the process of rolling out digital transformations for the Department of Resources and Environment, the People’s Committees of the Ngu Hanh Son district and Hoa Hai ward, etc… all of whom reported considerable and hopeful improvements. FPT has also lobbied for the signing of a renewal contract for the 2021-2025 period between them and the city leadership of Da Nang, so as to better facilitate the process of digital transformation in the coming future.

FPT Da Nang was established on 13/8/2004. Within their 16 years of operation, FPT Da Nang had managed to grow almost limitlessly, and became one of the largest IT companies in not just the local area, but the entirety of Central Vietnam as a whole. At the time of writing, FPT had invested more than VND 2.500 billion in Da Nang in order to build a technological platform that facilitates the implementation of a smart urban area planning, training and software centers, as well as other miscellaneous social infrastructures. These investments by FPT had generated over VND 1.264 billion for the city’s budget, as well as creating over 4.000 job opportunities.

FPT had also played a large part in the local social activities, aiding the city of Da Nang with nearly VND 3 billion in stimulus during the two outbreaks of Covid-19 (medical equipment, computers, internet, safety equipment for medical staff).

In addition to their major strides in software exports, FPT Da Nang had also played a key role in turning Da Nang into a smart city with their implementations of the Digital Government solutions, smart medicals, smart traffic, etc… along with major breakthroughs in providing a great number of citizens with access to high-speed internet. The urban and operational infrastructure development plans of FPT at FPT City specifically, as well as Da Nang city itself in general, all adhered strongly to the environmental impact guidelines set by the People’s Committee, in order to shape it up as one of the cities with the best living conditions in the nation.