FPT Demonstrated The Innovative Digital Transformation Ecosystem at Asia DX Summit 2022


On May 25-26, the Vietnam - Asia Digital Transformation (DX) Summit 2022 was organized by Vietnam Software & IT Services Association (VINASA) and sponsored by the Ministry of Information and Communications. At the event, FPT Corporation demonstrated the comprehensive Made-by-FPT DX ecosystem, which strongly promotes the successful DX process in many localities and businesses.

With the message: "Synergize to enhance Digital Transformation for a mighty Vietnam", in addition to bringing in advanced technology platforms and solutions, our leaders also participated in seminar sessions to share experiences, initiatives, and solutions for the digital transformation of organizations and enterprises in key sectors such as real estate, finance - banking, SMEs...

Overview of the event hall

Synergize to enhance Digital Transformation for a mighty Vietnam

Specifically, at the panel discussion under the theme "Digital Transformation is every people's responsibility - The role of local leaders", Mr. Truong Gia Binh - Chairman of VINASA Founding Council, Chairman of FPT - who moderated the discussion, said that Digital Transformation is taking place significantly positively in Vietnam.

Mr. Binh moderated the panel discussion on local digital transformation

By the beginning of May 2022, Vietnam had 63/63 localities established the Digital Transformation Steering Committees. 55/63 localities issued resolutions on Digital Transformation. 59/63 localities had digital transformation schemes/programs/plans for five years. At the same time, the Government published Decision 505 / QD-TTg on October 10 of every year as the National Digital Transformation Day. Never before have we seen the importance of digital transformation. Digital transformation in localities has brought about initial results and satisfied people and businesses.

However, according to Mr. Binh, DX was not only about opportunities but also challenges. In the latest World Bank report on digital transformation in Vietnam, our digital journey simultaneously had a fundamental advantage and a great challenge. They meant the country-specific hierarchy model. Vietnam is a unified country, but its 63 provinces are almost entirely responsible for the decision and implementation of digital transformation.

"National digital transformation needs to be the success of each locality and business. Therefore, every entity must find itself a digital transformation leader who aspires to change, who inspires, and fosters connections so that all organizations and individuals can go hand in hand in that challenging journey, " he emphasized.

Mr. Truong Gia Binh (the third person from the right) moderated the panel discussion on local digital transformation

As a leading technology corporation in Vietnam, FPT deeply comprehended the strength of intellectual synergy and resource association. Over the years, thanks to its willingness, capacity, and experience in consulting - implementation, FPT has become a strategic digital transformation partner of the Government. In 54 provinces and cities that have issued Digital Transformation Resolutions/Programs, FPT had strategic cooperation and training agreements in digital transformation with more than 40 localities.

The Corporation also had its name on numerous successful digital transformation projects for thousands of businesses in key sectors such as finance - banking, real estate, SMEs, and manufacturing. Moreover, owning core technology trends such as AI, Blockchain, Cloud, and Big Data..., FPT's digital transformation solutions were suitable for SMEs through the M&A deal with Base.vn - the corporate governance platform - in 2021. This powerful resonance has created a renewed impetus to promote the digital transformation of 800,000 domestic enterprises, contributing to the digital economy.

Not only had our synergies aim at boosting digital transformation but also affirm the Vietnamese technology product ecosystem, bringing Vietnamese wisdom to the world.

The breakthrough digital transformation ecosystem

As the technology enterprise pioneering digital transformation in Vietnam, FPT Corporation also demonstrated specific solutions of a comprehensive and breakthrough digital transformation ecosystem in three pillars: Digital Government, Digital economy, and Digital society. Among which was a series of products and solutions used by the Government, giant domestic organizations, and also international enterprises on the Fortune Global 500 list.

In digital government, FPT brought the Smart City Monitoring and Operation Center (IOC) of Binh Dinh. The solution had helped the provincial leaders centrally monitor all fields through only one technology platform and capture comprehensive data on local activities.

The solution was built under the standards and guidelines of the Ministry of Information and Communications with eight primary services: Site reflection, Traffic monitoring & management, Security, Information safety monitoring, Social network monitoring, Public service monitoring, Socio-economic information, and General monitoring dashboard.

Operating the IOC Center, the provincial leaders had an overview of information related to agencies, units, and localities, giving directions and handling issues transparently, promptly, and effectively. As a result, the Center contributed to improving the provincial government and state agencies' performance. Thereby, it promoted sustainable socio-economic development toward a digital government and a smart city that served people better and better.

Participants learned about IOC Smart City Monitoring and Control Center at FPT's exhibition booth

The Corporation introduced the comprehensive digital transformation Made-by-FPT platform with more than 100 solutions based on the latest technologies AI, Blockchain, Cloud, OCR... The products were suitable for businesses in all regions and sizes to develop in an innovative, agile, and speedy way.

For example, the comprehensive AI platform FPT.AI helped businesses optimize operations and enhance customer experience, becoming the foundation for companies to integrate into the flow of national digital economic development. FPT.AI provided three main product groups, including Conversational AI - the platform for building and managing automatic conversation; Intelligent Document Processing - the solution for extracting data from text and digitized documents; and eKYC - the Digital Identification Solution. Up to now, FPT.AI's Virtual Assistant product has processed more than 120 million conversations each month with the rate of successfully resolving up to 97%, improving 60% of employee productivity and saving 67% of costs.

Participants also had access to FPT's new technology innovations, opening a new future for the digital economy. For example, the akaVerse solution enhanced the customer experience through advanced imaging technologies like 3D, VR, and AR. akaVerse not only helped transform the way businesses and customers interact with each other under the virtualization direction of the world (Metaverse) but also solved the problem of physical limits in real life (space, contact, movement). Therefore, by enhancing customer experiences and providing cross-platform interactions, businesses could satisfy them more uniquely and creatively, thereby increasing their purchase rates.

Guests experienced the augmented reality space through the akaVerse solution

FPT's subsidiaries, including FPT Software, FPT Digital, FPT Smart Cloud, and FPT IS, introduced comprehensive and in-depth digital transformation solutions to promote internal strength for businesses in critical sectors (such as real estate - construction, finance - banking) or by scale (from global corporations to SMEs). Advanced solution packages applied emerging technologies such as Cloud Computing (Cloud), Intelligence Artificial (AI), Blockchain Technology (Blockchain)...

For example, a set of specific solutions for the Real Estate - Construction industry, developed by FPT on the SAP platform, assisted in optimizing different real estate operations, such as investment management, bidding management, cost, finance, sales, and contract management. Meanwhile, the FPT.CDP solution helped banks and financial institutions observe the overall picture of customers and perform scenarios for 360-degree analysis of customer data sets. The analysis results would provide customers with a personalized experience, helping banks and financial institutions optimize campaigns at times or circumstances where potential customers may convert to their clients.

Customers learned about FPT.AI - the Virtual Assistant

In particular, as a digital transformation strategy consultant, FPT Digital gave suggestions on the fundamental digital transformation framework and levels of digital transformation. By that means, localities and businesses might evaluate the level of their digital maturity, from which to build a proper digital transformation roadmap, aiming at fast, efficient, and sustainable development.

Through attending DX Summit 2022, with our heart full of technology and our spirit of unceasing innovation, FPT reaffirmed its commitment to being ready to accompany the Government, localities, businesses, and people with all the best resources. Furthermore, FPT would provide the fullest end-to-end digital transformation ecosystem with the initial goal of boosting the digital transformation level of the country, creating a mighty Vietnam.