FPT Honored Again for Excellence in Information Disclosure Standards


The IR Awards Organizing Committee has just released the 2024 list of enterprises meeting information disclosure standards. Once again, FPT is among the large-cap listed enterprises earning the title of "Enterprise Meeting Information Disclosure Standards" for consecutive years.

The IR Awards program recognizes and honors businesses that meet information disclosure standards on the stock market. Through comprehensive surveys, the program publishes an annual list of the companies that consistently meet these standards.

FPT Honored Again for Excellence in Information Disclosure Standards

This year, the program surveyed 708 businesses and found that 424 met the Information Disclosure Standard for 2024. In the next phase, the program will assess investor relations (IR) activities to recognize and honor the Top 3 Enterprises with the best IR activities in 2024. The awards will be presented at the 14th IR Awards Honoring Ceremony in Ho Chi Minh City.

At the IR Awards 2023 Honoring Ceremony, FPT was recognized as one of the Top 3 Large-Cap Enterprises with IR activities most loved by investors and also ranked among the Top 3 Large-Cap Enterprises with IR activities most highly rated by institutions.

Over the past 35 years, FPT has consistently demonstrated the strength and resilience of an industry-leading enterprise. It has effectively managed risks, seized breakthrough opportunities, achieved positive business results, and contributed to economic development. FPT has ensured and increased shareholder rights, providing financial benefits (such as dividend payments) and non-financial benefits (such as information transparency and effective management). As the first IT company listed on the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange in 2006, FPT recognizes the importance of IR in business development and strives to maintain transparent governance that meets international standards.

FPT consistently discloses complete, transparent, accurate, and timely information as required by relevant legislation. All relevant parties can access the required disclosures, as well as valuable information such as market trends, strategies, plans, and results, on FPT's website and through mass media. Additionally, FPT proactively provides beneficial insights, ranging from information technology market trends and macro/microeconomic factors affecting the industry to strategic directions, business plans, and operational results. It helps investors gain a better understanding of the IT and telecommunications sectors and FPT's activities. FPT also shares monthly and quarterly business reports and updates on business orientation and strategy with shareholders and investors through mass media, periodic meetings, and in-depth seminars.

In addition to being ranked among the Top 3 Enterprises with IR activities most loved by investors and the Top 3 Enterprises with IR activities most highly rated by financial institutions, FPT has solidified its position as a leading industry enterprise with numerous prestigious awards domestically and internationally. These accolades include being named one of the Top 50 Asian IT service providers, one of the Top 500 largest enterprises in Southeast Asia, one of the Top 50 Most Efficient Businesses in Vietnam for 12 consecutive years, one of the Top 10 Strong Brands, and one of the Top 15 Enterprises with the Best Financial Management Capacity.

In 2023, FPT achieved revenue of 52,618 billion VND and a pre-tax profit of 9,203 billion VND, marking increases of 19.6% and 20.1%, respectively, compared to the previous year. The profit after tax for shareholders of the parent company reached 6,470 billion VND, an increase of 21.8%. Notably, the Corporation reached 1 billion USD in IT service revenue from foreign markets for the first time. As of the first five months of 2024, the Corporation's revenue and pre-tax profit have continued to show robust growth, reaching 23,916 billion VND and 4,313 billion VND, respectively, marking a 19.9% and 19.5% increase compared to the same period last year. In May 2024, FPT secured five additional large projects in foreign markets, each valued at over 5 million USD, bringing the total number of projects won since the beginning of the year to 26. This trend underscores the growing global demand for technology investment and underscores FPT's reputation and technological capabilities. Currently, FPT has partnered with leading companies across various sectors, including Aviation, Automotive, Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Energy. The Corporation serves nearly 100 customers listed in the Fortune Global 500.

The Corporation continually enhances its capabilities in high-growth sectors such as Healthcare, Banking, Finance, Insurance (BFSI), Energy, and Automotive Technology. Simultaneously, it invests heavily in core technology areas such as AI, Cloud, and Big Data. These specialized capacities and technological strengths serve as FPT's competitive edge, enabling it to secure contracts and customers with sales volumes in the hundreds of millions of USD and act as the main contractor in large-scale projects. In 2023, FPT achieved a significant milestone by securing a customer with a sales scale exceeding 200 million USD for the first time.

The IR Awards (2011-2024) is an annual program that honors listed businesses for their outstanding IR activities. The program is co-organized by Vietstock in collaboration with the Vietnam Association of Financial Executives (VAFE) and FiLi Magazine.