FPT degitalized the customer’s information identification base on Blockchain

FPT Software sign the contract with Bao Kim E-commerce., JSC about the research and investment to develop Blockchain application. 


On July 24th 2018, FPT Software sign the contract with Bao Kim E-commerce., JSC about the research and investment to develop Blockchain application. Accordingly, based on Blockchain platform – akaChain, FPT Software and Bao Kim will jointly develop and deploy new business model, enhance security and the accuracy of customer and partner information as well as online transaction.

Based on Blockchain – akaChain of FPT Software and customer ecosystem of Bao Kim, two parties will jointly research, develop customer identification solutions (KYC – know your customer) in many fields such as finance, banking’s understanding of customers, accurate potential risks on payment system. The first time Blockchain was deployed to digitize to identify customer information in fields such as finance and banking in Vietnam. The solution is anticipated to launch in third quarter of 2019.

Development of KYC application is encouraged by government to enhance cashless payment in Vietnam in 2016-2020

Mr. Nguyen Trung Duc – Director of Bao Kim E-commerce., JSC said: “The deployment of akaChain – Blockchain into payment, credit was a brand new pathway of Bao Kim. Besides, the comprehensive blockchain service in corporation management and payment infrastructure was first time witnessed. Not only does users conduct the system faster, more conveniently and safely but also receive better customer experience, knowledge enhancement and the importance of industrialization of payment method and money storage”.

Mr. Tran Hoang Giang, IT Director of akaChain said: “With platform of Blockchain – akaChain, FPT Software expects to help organization in finance, ecommerce, retails, generate new business based on available data, augment securities and transparency, accuracy of many transactions on the system”.

AkaChain (https://akachain.io/)  is Blockchain Platform of FPT Software to support organization to construct business network and dispersal application by blockchain, which helps to deploy new business model in a more effective, time and cost-saving way. This is also one of the essential IT platform in digital transformation ecosystem of FPT Software.