FPT IS officially runs ERP system for ALS

Aviation Logistics Corporation (ALS) officially ran the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system developed by FPT IS.


Aviation Logistics Corporation (ALS) officially ran the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system developed by FPT IS. The system enables ALS to achieve consistency in business processes, and standardize data in order to help managers with a comprehensive view and timely and accurate decision making.

The project was implemented in nearly nine months, 20 days ahead of the deadline. The system uses SAP ERP S/4HANA, the world's leading ERP solution built on advanced management standards. This ERP system including 7 modules was implemented for the parent company, 4 subsidiaries and 1 branch of ALS.

Mr. Mai Cong Nguyen, CEO of FPT IS ERP and Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Hanh, Deputy General Director of ALS shake hands at the launching ceremony of the ERP system.

"Since 2016, ALS has considered the deployment of ERP as a strategic goal. ALS was very lucky to have selected FPT IS to implement the SAP ERP system. The early completion of the project was thanks to the careful preparation, the professional deployment and highly trained experts from FPT IS. The official launch of the system will help ALS reach a higher management level, especially when ALS is preparing for an IPO plan. After data synchronization and normalization, ALS will deploy some additional modules and take advantage of SAP ERP S/4HANA for enterprise resource management such as intelligent reporting, talent management and data integration," said ALS CEO Vu Hoang Thao

"The implementation of SAP ERP S/4HANA will enable ALS to establish a solid technology foundation, improve management capability, and get ready for digital transformation. The ERP system with many end-users trained with the proper sequencing will strengthen safety in enterprise management and operation and improve corporate reputation for ALS. FPT IS not only offers consultancy services but also sticks to ALS to make decisions through thick and thin," stated Mai Cong Nguyen, CEO of FPT IS ERP.

Before choosing the ERP solution, ALS and its subsidiaries used separate solutions by various providers such as: HR management, warehouse management and accounting. These posed some management obstacles, lack of optimal support for leaders’ decision-making and reduced competitiveness. It was difficult for investors to evaluate the company's performance for investment decisions. The successful deployment of the SAP system will improve corporate reputation for ALS in terms of management and make an impression on investors when the company goes public.