Nurturing happiness at work, FPT Software to be among Japan's Best Workplaces For Women


Just one month after being listed among the Best Places to Work in Japan, FPT Japan Holdings (FPT Japan) has been awarded anew by the Great Place to Work® Japan Institute (GPTW Japan) - the global authority on workplace culture. The Company is chosen based on the following criteria: the employee survey results with positive reviews from females, excellent women-friendly workplace policies, as well as a high number of female employees.

"Women, who form a happy family, also make an important contribution to creating a happy workplace at FPT Japan," said Mr. Do Van Khac, CEO of FPT Japan Holdings.

Mr. Do Van Khac, CEO of FPT Japan Holdings

Mr. Do Van Khac, CEO of FPT Japan Holdings

FPT Japan makes an impression, with women being a third of its employees and female managers accounting for 27% of the total number of FPT Japan's managerial positions, which is much higher than Japan's average rate of 17% (according to LinkedIn Japan in February 2022).

According to the CEO of FPT Japan Holdings, Mr.Do Van Khac, the Company has two female Deputy CEOs responsible for the operation, promoting business growth, and making significant business changes. He said: "At FPT Japan, women's rise to leadership positions is normal in their career journey. The appointed women are all those who have made great efforts and tenacity accompanying customers to create high-class technology solutions."

Affirming that there is no gender discrimination in hiring practices, the CEO also emphasized the motto of the Company, "talent is everywhere." He explained: "We always believe that there will always be talent standing out in the crowd. Once we find great employees, we do our best to provide support, let them do what they love, and unlock their full potential."

In Japan, many women are forced to choose between marriage or a career. Usually, they have to stay home as housewives, rearing children and taking care of domestic tasks. In case giving birth while getting a full-time job, they will face a considerable obstacle in achieving any recognition at work. However, FPT Japan enables female employees to work flexibly at home, taking on challenging tasks and maintaining their income and achievements without disruptions.

Moreover, the Company encourages them to divide their leave time by hour, work remotely when necessary, shorten their working time, etc., to maintain their benefits even when they have personal issues. These policies aim to reduce excessive pressure on working women when it comes to balancing work and family, which can be considered exceptional among Asian companies.

"Not only ensure the physical health and psychological well-being of female employees, but we also extend the benefits to the wives and children of male employees," Mr. Khac said. "With 85% of our people being non-Japanese employees and rotating positions regularly, we comprehensively support families to settle down and develop a multi-ethnic community, making it one of our strengths."

Female staff of FPT Japan Holdings

Female staff of FPT Japan Holdings

To support their quality of life, the HR policies of FPT Japan include periodic health examinations for employees' relatives, 24/7 online health consultation service, covering employee relocation expenses, housing costs, and education expenses... for families. In addition, the Company also continuously offers Japanese courses for employees' relatives as well as organizes information sharing and cultural exchange between Japanese and foreigners.

Various activities, such as Go Japan, Enjoy Japan, or Diversity & Inclusion, are hosted, which promote cultural interference and enhance the enjoyment of life for Vietnamese employees and their families.

Besides, Japanese personnel has opportunities to visit FPT's campuses in three regions of Vietnam. In a short period of time, they can experience the culture, cuisine, and ways of working at the greenest and most modern campuses for the technology community in Vietnam. According to the CEO, the target is facilitating 100% of Japanese employees to work in Vietnam.

"We aim at a joyful atmosphere," he said. "So we have built a workplace full of fun. A warm and friendly workplace will encourage creativity, improve productivity, and let employees feel free to express themselves," said Mr. Khac excitedly.

Therefore, FPT Japan's working women always have opportunities to host and participate in different activities based on their interests, such as chess clubs, badminton, or exchange of experience. Seldomly having participated in team building activities, male and female Japanese staff quickly get acquainted and even contribute to performing and attending events organized by FPT Japan under the guidance of their managers.

"Women, who form a happy family, also make an important contribution to creating a happy workplace at FPT Japan," said Mr. Do Van Khac, CEO of FPT Japan Holdings.

Although the tech industry is characterized by its high proportion of male employees, FPT, and its subsidiaries, constantly strive to improve gender equality and create equal opportunities for all employees in their career development. As a result, in 2022, the number of female employees increased by 36.9% over 2021, accounting for 44.6% of the total, while the increase of male personnel was 15%. Especially the number of female managers and leaders accounted for 43.3% of the total number of managerial positions, growing by 31.1% over the same period compared to the 8% growth rate of male managers.