FPT Was Recognized for Its Contributions at "Vietnam Blockchain Awards" Ceremony


At the Vietnam Blockchain Awards, FPT Corporation was recently honored as one of the prestigious entities contributing to blockchain development in Vietnam.

FPT - Blockchain pioneer of the year

The Vietnam Blockchain Awards (VNBA) was organized for the first time to recognize organizations and individuals that excel in conducting research and development in blockchain infrastructure development or bringing blockchain into reality to improve the performance of multi-sectors and people's lives, contributing to accelerating digital transformation and digital economy in Vietnam.

In particular, FPT was honored in the "Blockchain Development Pioneer of the Year" category. Alongside, some businesses were also named, such as Tiki - The pioneering enterprise with blockchain applications; RMIT - The pioneer university of blockchain training; Ahamove with its blockchain project promoting tourism for smart cities…

FPT Corporation is one of the leading organizations in Vietnam in the research and development (R&D) of blockchain-based products and solutions. Blockchain technology, along with AI, Cloud, RPA, and Big Data, is currently integrated into various services and solutions of the Made-by-FPT ecosystem, serving thousands of institutional customers in Vietnam and globally. Thereby, FPT aims to develop products with openness, reliability, flexibility, security, and high applicability in all areas, bringing sustainable value to customers globally.

Representative of FPT Corporation (the third one on the left-hand side of the photo) received the award "Blockchain Development Pioneer of the Year"

Representative of FPT Corporation (the third one on the left-hand side of the photo) received the award "Blockchain Development Pioneer of the Year".

For example, akaChain, a product of the Made-by-FPT ecosystem, is trusted by 55 clients worldwide. akaChain has exceptional security features by applying blockchain technology while shortening the time of core operations deployment in order to improve customer experience. In addition, the solution supports businesses in the financial and banking sectors to accurately assess potential risks in the payment system, reducing bad debts.

Nurturing startups inside FPT

The "Vietnam Blockchain Awards" announcement ceremony is one of a series of events under the theme of "World Blockchain Summit MARVELS HCMC 2022" on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Vietnam-Korea diplomatic relations. The event attracted more than 2,000 visitors and more than 40 speakers giving speeches on diverse topics. Nearly 20 lectures aimed at helping the audience catch up with blockchain knowledge and trends on essential issues, such as "Where is the Blockchain Industry heading?"; "What is the difference between the era of the internet revolution and blockchain revolution?"...

On behalf of FPT Corporation, Dr. Dang Khanh Hung - Research Director of FPT Blockchain Lab - participated in a discussion session with the topic "Advantages of Web3 startups over technology giants". Blockchain was creating a push for Vietnamese startups, he said. With web3 startups, the product development lifecycle could be accelerated much faster than traditional companies, from ideation to user acquisition.

"Failing and learning quickly help them find the right direction, serving the needs of the appropriate users," said Dr. Dang Khanh Hung.

Sharing his opinions, Dr. Tran Quy - Director of the Vietnam Institute of Digital Economy (VIDE) - also affirmed that Web3 startups were in the "perfect time, place, and circumstance" period. The level of technology maturity opened up both large businesses and fledgling startups with the ability to break through and bring users the best values with their products and solutions.

To answer whether startups choosing Web3 - blockchain as an advantage can compete with giants wealthy in experience and capital, Mr.Hung said that Vietnam was one of the countries with the top adoption rate of blockchain products worldwide. In the blockchain market, each organization has its own role so that they can complement and support each other. For example, users can simultaneously use traditional social networks such as Facebook, TikTok, and any other decentralized social network.
"Whenever a new blockchain product is born, millions of people are ready to use it, right here in Vietnam," emphasized Mr. Hung.

With the philosophy of promoting innovation and creativity in order to develop a practical ecosystem to serve all customers at various scales, incubating and nurturing startups is one of the key points in FPT's technology development strategy. Putting its first steps as a startup, FPT can develop dramatically and become the leading technology corporation, resulting from the entrepreneurial spirit that has forged FPT's people for nearly 35 years. It has explained why the Corporation always focuses on nurturing the startup spirit.

To become an "innovation incubator", FPT has spent hundreds of billions of dong per year with a commitment to invest 5% of profits in R&D. It encourages internal creativity and improvement with annual programs such as iKhien (which divides 30% of revenue to the initiative's author). Furthermore, it promotes products with a 'virtual share policy' to get employees involved in product development. Besides, it can't help but mention FPT's efforts of building creative communities with a series of activities, such as Innovation Day, akaDay, and Hackathon.

From creative ideas, FPT Corporation has had outstanding products and solutions, such as FPT.AI - 200 million users; akaChain - 55 customers worldwide; akaBot - the ecosystem of hyper-automation solutions serving more than 3,000 customers in 20 countries; FPT Play - more than 40 million registered users…