FPT Smart Cloud and FPT IS collaborated to implement the VertZéro Greenhouse Gas Inventory Solution


To position itself as a sustainable digital transformation service provider, FPT Smart Cloud is collaborating with FPT IS to deploy the VertZéro greenhouse gas inventory solution across its ecosystem of over 80 products and services. This initiative aims to support the government and businesses in achieving the Net-Zero 2050 goal.

The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) highlights the urgent need for reducing greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050. Limiting the increase in average global temperatures to no more than 1.5°C is crucial, thus mitigating the risk of catastrophic environmental disasters. In its commitment to supporting the government's efforts to achieve the Net-Zero 2050 goal, FPT Corporation has outlined strategies to advance the development of "Made by FPT" products and services that adhere to green transformation standards.

"Sustainable development ranks among the world's 5 'Mega Trends.' Transformation presents not only challenges but also opportunities to craft the most effective business development strategy," said Dr. Phuong Tram, Chief Digital Transformation Advisor of FPT Corporation, at the signing ceremony between FPT Smart Cloud and FPT IS.

Representatives of FPT Smart Cloud and FPT IS exchanged the cooperation document.

Representatives of FPT Smart Cloud and FPT IS exchanged the cooperation document.

With a technology solution ecosystem that presently serves tens of millions of users worldwide, the representative of FPT Smart Cloud firmly believes that embracing "green transformation" is an essential trend for sustainable development. This transformation aids in reducing energy consumption, cutting costs, and safeguarding the environment.

"Fostering the monitoring, inventorying system, and devising a roadmap to curtail greenhouse gas emissions marks a pivotal stride toward spearheading the realization of the Green Cloud objective. It ensures that emission levels of FPT Cloud products will be meticulously recorded in adherence to international standards such as ISO 14064-1, IPCC 2019, and GHG Protocol. FPT Smart Cloud is steadfast in its commitment to collaborating with partners and clients, harnessing technological prowess for sustainable development, and expanding green transformation initiatives in Vietnam," affirmed Le Hong Viet, CEO of FPT Smart Cloud.

Under this agreement, FPT Smart Cloud has inked a deal to implement the VertZéro greenhouse gas inventory solution crafted by FPT IS. This signifies a commitment to transparent emissions reporting on a grand scale across all branches, aligning with the imperatives of sustainable development within the global technology supply chain.

The VertZéro greenhouse gas inventory solution will be integrated into FPT Smart Cloud's operational processes, enabling proactive inventorying and implementing greenhouse gas reduction strategies. This solution facilitates the collection, systematization, and automatic calculation of greenhouse gas inventory data, aligning with specific activities. It identifies emission sources and factors in accordance with global standards, supporting strategic planning and emission reduction objectives for each unit and location.

The collaboration between FPT Smart Cloud and FPT IS offers direct advantages to partners and customers of both entities. Companies utilizing FPT Cloud and FPT.AI platform services can now monitor emission levels for sustainable growth, enhancing operational efficiency and contributing to overarching government objectives. This partnership aims to foster sustainable practices within organizations.