FPT Telecom is the first company in Vietnam to launch smart interview system

In Hanoi, April 2018, FPT Telecom officially launched the SIS (Smart Interview System), which has been used for recruiting staff nationwide, helping candidates reach employers anytime, anywhere.


In Hanoi, April 2018, FPT Telecom officially launched the SIS (Smart Interview System), which has been used for recruiting staff nationwide, helping candidates reach employers anytime, anywhere.

In addition to bring more profit to company, this system will provide candidates with a new platform that is extremely useful in finding, applying and interviewing in FPT Telecom. Instead of just applying CV and waiting passively for the response from recruiter, now with the SIS, applicants can apply, do the entrance test and interview at home with just a laptop or smartphone connected with the Internet. Making the appointment, moving and interviewing in the traditional way will be minimized, so that candidates can save their time and effort.

An online recruitment process on FPT Telecom's SIS system consists of 5 steps: Step 1, the candidate goes to the recruiting website www.fptjobs.com to find out the recruiting position; Step 2, the applicant just "click"  to select "Applying CV" and provide some basic information: name, mobile number, email, applying position, ...; Step 3: take part in an online test quiz; Step 4, online interview if you pass step 3 and finally, Step 5: get the result from the recruiter.

At step 3, the questions in the system revolve around the candidate's understanding of social problem, basic communication skills, natural sciences, basic mathematics, and questions about professional knowledge corresponding to the specific application position.

The best feature of this automatic recruitment tool is in step 4 - online interview. Accordingly, the screen will display questions and specify the maximum time for applicants to give the answer. The entire response will be recorded and saved as a clip in the system. At the end of the interview, the candidate will receive a notification of the next appointment via email after 2-3 days.

In the beginning, the automated interview system was applied to the recruitment teams for sales staff, customer service staff and technicians before applying for all vacancies of FPT Telecom. This tool promises to bring great convenience to both recruiters and candidates, when all the operations can be done directly on the computer or smartphone with internet connection and camera.

The system will help applicants to select position and apply for online application, save time, effort, money and eliminate geographic distances. For the human resources department, the system also reduces the amount of work, the time and costs of implementation.

The Smart Interview System - SIS is a big step forward in the recruitment industry. With big enterprises such as FPT Telecom, the screening and processing of personnel records will be much easier with high accuracy and reliability, worthy of a smart and useful technology product.

Being a large-scale telecommunications company operating nationwide, FPT Telecom now owns nearly 200 transaction offices in 59 provinces as well as operating in other countries such as Cambodia and Myanmar. With the rapid growth of personnel, FPT Telecom's annual recruitment needs are huge. According to statistics, in the past year, there were 42,000 applications for all positions in FPT Telecom and its partner companies, of which the proportion of applicants with suitable profiles was about 25,000, equivalent to 59%. Particularly, the time for arranging about 3,500 interviews in the year was 8,000 hours. Therefore, the launch of online recruitment and interview tools will be an effective solution to the problem of saving time, manpower and costs for screening applicants and conducting interviews.