FPT unlock the key of digital transformation for HABECO

Successfully Implementing ERP plays a key role in open a digital transformation era for HABECO.


FPT IS officially started the project “Deployment of a complete business management solution SAP ERP” at Hanoi Beer Alcohol and Beverage Joint Stock Corporation (HABECO). This is considered as one of the most important IT project, which was invested by 2 top companies in Vietnam; consequently marking a transformation in operation and management of HABECO, enhancing the competencies of the organization in booming digital transformation process in Vietnam. Successfully Implementing ERP plays a key role in open a digital transformation era for HABECO.

Accordingly, FPT IS will deploy SAP S/4HANA for HABECO in 9 months included main fields such as Financial, Management Accounting, Purchasing Management, Inventories Management, and Accumulated Financial Report, so on. Included are professional jobs which are deployed according to practical characteristic of HABECO such as Price calculation, Purchase management of orders and distributors, Bottle Management. Coming in to operation, the system help HABECO standardize and auto mobilize the procedure of management and production, control data of each step in the system to decrease the cost and increase the productivity.

HABECO is top domestic beer organization in Beverage Market in Vietnam with 130 year history. Throughout the deployment ERP, the organization expected to apply the new management model and modernize the management process based on technology. This is a basic step to upgrade the preparation for Revolution 4.0.

Mr. Tran Dinh Thanh, President of HABECO stated that “Project Deployment of a complete business management solution ERP was implemented at HAVECO while the company are facing the extreme competition of many strong and potential competitors. Hence it requires restructuring from internal to external activities of HABECO. Leaders and staff of HABECO, with experience and support from FPT IS, determine in deploying ERP project, in order for the organization to integrate with digitalized revolution background, contributed to enhance the strength and position of the organization in the market”

Speaking in the event, Mr. Truong Gia Binh, Chairman of Board of Director stated that “HABECO is one of minor companies in Vietnam with a long history of many immortal value. The decision of HABECO to invest into ERP system showed the determination to bring the company to higher level, to acquire more value in digitalized revolution. FPT has been companion in allying and constructing IT system in many fields and core domains of the country. We are now the companion of hundreds of big companies in the world, which have the same long history as HABECO. FPT will not only well deploy ERP but also want to continue cooperate with HABECO in digital transformation process.”

Kick-off for digital transformation process by applying business resources plan of organization is an appropriate choice for organization to speed up in data digitalization process, intellectualization of working procedure, so on. Specifically, ERP help to connect to multi-dimension data such as financial number, business number, technical number, and space number, so on, to interconnect all organization activities and form the foundation of digital transformation process.

FPT IS with almost 25 year experience in deploying ERP in Vietnam and surrounded areas is not only technology and solution consultant but also the partner of HABECO in specific and organization in general to construct a stable foundation ad enhance management ability in digital transformation.

Today, business management solution SAP by FPT IS is deployed to many big organizations in Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry in Vietnam such as Vinasoy, Trung Nguyen, Lavifood, Tan Hip Phat so on.