FPT “spreads happiness” to tens of millions of Vietnamese people


Setting the mission of connecting people, closing geographical distances, and contributing to a more flexible and intelligent society, FPT has made great efforts day and night to spread happiness to tens of millions of Vietnamese people.

FPT “spreads happiness” to tens of millions of Vietnamese people

Over the past quarter century, the Internet has become vital to nearly 80 million Vietnamese people. As one of the Internet service providers since the early days, FPT has contributed to changing Vietnam's Internet outlook with better services and richer content on the most advanced infrastructure.

Stepping stones on the journey of “connecting happiness”

A landmark event occurred when Vietnam officially connected its infrastructure to the global Internet in 1997. At that time, the prospect of the digital world, even concepts like the World Wide Web, dial-up, and online chat, remained unfamiliar. It was during that period, with a pioneering spirit and a strategic vision, that FPT entered the competition, causing the internet monopoly to be broken and giving everyone an equal opportunity to use the Internet at an inexpensive cost.

The Vietnamese Intellectual Community was launched, becoming a playground for more than 10,000 members.

The Vietnamese Intellectual Community was launched, becoming a playground for more than 10,000 members.

However, despite the low speed and quality of transmission lines, the high service rate due to the monopoly was one barrier restricting people's Internet access. Getting the Internet Exchange Point (IXP) License in 2002, FPT took the opportunity of the pioneer to carry out the great mission: abolishing the monopoly in providing Internet services. The event was considered a driver for the rapid development of Vietnam's Internet, promoting innovation in the telecommunications industry. It also brought numerous benefits and convenience to users with multiple cost-saving Internet packages. Furthermore, it has been a fulcrum for Vietnam to access the digital revolution in the following years.

In the opinion of experts, what users receive is measured not only by figures and numbers but also through added values. The quick and convenient scratch cards for Internet payment opened the door for easier online transactions. Affordable ADSL packages contributed to a communication revolution, putting the Internet at users' fingertips. Those efforts helped increase the number of Internet users in Vietnam nearly seven times within just five years, from 2003 to 2008.

Not only was the Internet "popularized," but the transmission speed also was improved. After FPT became the first provider of fiber-optic Internet (FTTH - Fiber to the Home) in Vietnam, people in all regions can experience the service and share more content, such as high-quality videos. In 2012, FPT completed the North-South axis route with a length of 4,000 km, spanning through 30 localities. In 2015, it was again one of the front runners in the copper-to-fiber conversion.

In 2017, FPT once again affirmed its innovative vision. The IPv6 protocol made the Internet quality long-term stable, easy to manage, and highly secure, and at the same time, solved the problem of address exhaustion. Deploying network connectivity for one million households lifted Vietnam to the 17th global ranking regarding IPv6 internet protocol conversion. It was a technical achievement and an affirmation of FPT's influence in improving the quality of life based on technology.

"As one of the first four Internet service providers, FPT has the right to be proud of its contributions to the country's international integration. FPT has laid the first stepping stones for broadband Internet connection, paving the way for the country to enter the Internet era," said Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Phan Tam.

FPT brings not only cables and signals but also a strong desire for knowledge connection. In 2014, the company entered the television domain with IPTV service. Providing services over the Internet protocol, FPT TV meets diverse entertainment needs and opens up interactive opportunities for users. For instance, a prominent feature is the interactive TV Show called "Open the Safe" (2016). More than an exciting TV show, it symbolized the connection between users and TV content. The show allowed people to interact, made them "superstars," and created memorable moments. In addition, entertainment activities also became more diversified when the company invested heavily in exclusive content, such as the Pladio podcast, talk shows, and game shows.

The touch of emotion, a record of contentment

According to the Executive Vice President of FPT Corporation and Chairman of FPT Telecom, Mr. Hoang Viet Anh, "Every touch point must deliver emotions and the best experience." That spirit has been determined since FPT entered the game with a clear vision: creating affordable and suitable Internet access for tens of millions of people. In the mid-1990s, the number of Internet users was just a few. Being unfamiliar and inexperienced, users encountered various problems. As one of the first ISPs, FPT aimed to attract more users and help them get used to and excited about the Internet.

In 1996, the establishment of the Vietnamese Intellectual Community contributed to promoting IT developments. The forum quickly became a gathering place for more than 10,000 members to share knowledge. By joining the community, strangers quickly became friends. Some companies and computer stores even turned it into an advertising space.

Users can enjoy unlimited movies, football leagues, and other entertainment programs with FPT Play.

Users can enjoy unlimited movies, football leagues, and other entertainment programs with FPT Play.

Besides connection, another emotional touch point is content on the Internet, especially movies. Users previously only had a few options on the Internet when a new film was released. Previously, they would have to wait for so long until a TV agency bought the copyright to broadcast in Vietnam. So, they were forced to sign up for a service provided by a foreign country at a high rate. Or, even worse, they went to "piracy websites" flooded with gambling and betting ads and contained the risk of malware infection. Understanding customer demands, FPT Play has promptly taken the lead in movie content, importing hundreds of movies from leading film industries such as Korea, China, and Thailand. Many licensed series are broadcast simultaneously on FPT TV.

Besides, sports lovers may earn more excitement as FPT TV owns the rights to broadcast well-known football and other sports tournaments, such as UEFA, AFC, Bellator MMA, EuroLeague, NBA... "In the mission of developing Vietnamese football, exploiting television rights and maximizing commercial exploitation is an inevitable trend, in line with the most advanced world's football. With the advantage of being one of the leading units in producing and broadcasting sports content, I believe FPT Play will team up with VPF to bring a complete and different football experience to sports fans across the country," said VPF Director Nguyen Minh Ngoc.

In a life full of complexity and busyness, FPT strives for the goal of "we have all you need on the Internet" due to solid connectivity and consistent experiences through a diverse smart ecosystem of devices and solutions such as FPT Smart Home, the OnMeeting solution, FPT Play 2022 decoder, and Foxpay e-wallet. Among these, adding Foxpay to the ecosystem helps diversify FPT's services, improves the quality of life, and provides ultimate digital experiences.

After several months, Hue has over 700 points accepting the E-wallet on Hue-S and 50,000 registered e-wallet accounts.

After several months, Hue has over 700 points accepting the E-wallet on Hue-S and 50,000 registered e-wallet accounts.

From the end of 2022, people in Hue - one of the first localities with Foxpay's companion - have been able to pay bills and purchase goods and services right on the Hue-S app without switching to other websites or applications. After several months, Hue has over 700 points accepting the E-wallet on Hue-S and 50,000 registered e-wallet accounts. In collaboration with Hue IOC Center and functional departments, Foxpay is completing essential solutions to provide local people with a multifunctional mobile app - recording information and paying bills quickly, safely, and conveniently. For example, a highlight is the two-way QR function in hospital fee payment; payment solutions for public service charges; and the online tuition payment feature at more than 500 schools in districts and towns of Thua Thien Hue province. Up to now, 100% of schools at all levels in Quang Dien districts and Huong Thuy town have completed the integration and are ready to put online payment via Foxpay e-wallet on the local app into use.

From the abolition of monopoly and the expansion of transmission possibilities to unique interactive and entertaining experiences, it's not just a journey of technology but also opens up a colorful Internet environment, creating happiness for tens of millions of users.

35-year milestones in Internet

  • 1997: Being the only Internet service provider in Vietnam.
  • 2002: Abolishing the monopoly in providing Internet services in Vietnam.
  • 2008: Being the first provider of fiber-optic Internet (FTTH - Fiber to the Home) in Vietnam.
  • 2012: Completing the North-South axis route with a length of 4.000 km, spanning through 30 localities.
  • 2014: Starting providing IPTV services under the FPT TV brand name.
  • 2016: Launching the first interactive TV Show named “Open the Safe.”
  • 2017: Completing infrastructure opticalization nationwide and launching the fastest Internet service package in Vietnam (Soc - 1Gbps).
  • 2020: Launching various new products and services such as Foxpay, F-Safe, F.Work, F.Drive, and other solutions to meet customer demand in the COVID-19 period.
  • 2021: Launching OnMeeting - the virtual meeting solution - to help solve the issue of communication interruption in the period of social distancing.
  • 2022: Launching LUX - the first Wi-Fi-6-integrated package in Vietnam - and bringing out the 2022 FPT Play Decoder - the first device in Vietnam that integrates IPTV and OTT platforms on the same product.