Venturing into new opportunities to catalyze growth, FPT Automotive has inaugurated an office in India


FPT Automotive, the automotive software company, recently launched a new office in Pune, India. The new office not only enhances FPT Automotive's capacity to deliver services to global customers but also catalyzes the company's substantial growth in the future.

FPT Automotive office opening ceremony in Pune, India.

FPT Automotive office opening ceremony in Pune, India.

The company anticipates that establishing this office will augment its global resources, enabling swift responses to the evolving demands of the automotive industry. The primary focus is optimizing the value provided to customers regarding deployment speed, scalability, and efficiency in product development. By 2026, FPT Automotive's office in India is expected to have a workforce of 500 employees, predominantly comprising highly specialized technology engineers with comprehensive capabilities.

Simultaneously, this office may attract new potential customers. Pune, renowned as one of the world's leading automobile manufacturing hubs, hosts prominent car manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Bajaj Auto, and Hero MotoCorp. Thousands of global startups and technology companies, such as Red Hat, Quick Heal, Cisco, IBM, and Oracle, also are located here.

The representative of FPT Automotive, CEO Kinh Nguyen, expressed, "With a team of knowledgeable and pioneering professionals in the emerging technology domains of the automotive industry, FPT Automotive is poised to expedite the journey with our customers, swiftly bringing new products to the market. The values we strive to build revolve around fostering the development of a mobile society in tandem with our global clientele. Our ultimate goal is to pioneer the development of software-defined vehicles on a global scale."

Attending the opening ceremony of FPT Automotive were global customers and partners from India and Japan.

FPT Automotive, founded by FPT in December 2023, sets its sights on capturing a significant share of the automotive software market, valued in the hundreds of billions of dollars. The company is headquartered in Texas, USA. Before establishing FPT Automotive, FPT had amassed more than 10 years of experience, with a team of over 4,000 experts dedicated to developing comprehensive services in automotive software. This encompassed a diverse range of areas, including entertainment and in-vehicle information technology, electronic control unit (ECU), safety and security functions, as well as automotive UI/UX design, wireless, and digital connectivity. With a growth rate of approximately 40% in recent years, this sector has played a pivotal role in contributing to FPT's achievement of reaching one billion USD in IT service revenue for foreign markets in 2023.

FPT's extensive suite of MaaZ technology solutions for cars received global recognition through the AutoTech Breakthrough Awards, an annual international accolade honoring innovation and creativity in the automotive technology industry.

FPT presently boasts a network of 150 clients, comprising industry leaders like Volvo, Honda, Hyundai, Ford, LG, Panasonic, VinFast, and NXP. Notably, the company has collaborated with Nippon Seiki - a group holding the world's leading market share in meter clusters and head-up displays (HUD) for cars and motorcycles - to develop device software.

FPT has secured its position among major contenders, standing alongside prominent brands like Infosys, Tata Technologies, Cognizant, and NTT DATA, as per Everest Group's recent announcement on ACES (Automated, Connected, Electric, and Shared Vehicles) for 26 global automotive software vendors. With ambitious goals, the company aims to achieve sales of 1 billion USD in this segment by 2030.