FPT Stands Out As the Winner of Eight Steve Awards in the Annual International Business Awards


The Stevie Awards International Business Awards recently announced the list of companies that received Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards in various categories. With 04 Gold, 01 Silver, and 03 Bronze awards, FPT is one of the few notable winners mentioned by the Organizing Committee in the press release.

The Stevie Awards are the only set of awards competitions to recognize business innovation throughout the Asia-Pacific region. In addition, they are among the most prestigious global tech awards with strict scoring criteria.

3,700 nominations were submitted from organizations in 61 nations this year. More than 230 executives worldwide in different fields, such as eBay Product Management Director, Amazon Application Scientist, and Paypal Security Engineer, participated in public voting to determine each category's Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards.

In the New Product category, FPT has 07 honored products and solutions, including: The Cloud computing platform - FPT Cloud, the digital signature solution - FPT.eSign, the electronic contract solution - FPT.eContract, the comprehensive ecosystem for business automation - UBot, the Digital Commerce and Experience Service, the End-to-end MLOps Platform to Detect Anomaly Sound - SoundAI, and the Process Automation solution for the Insurance Industry - Confidon. In the Website - Online Training category, VioEdu - the online learning platform - is the only one to win the Gold Award.

In addition, FPT Cloud won the only Gold award in Cloud Computing. FPT Cloud is a cloud computing platform with multiple advantages: Al integration, multi-layer security model, uniform management interface... The platform includes more than 80 services, from Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) to Platform as a service(PaaS) and diverse Software as a Service (SaaS), in compliance with top security criteria such as PCI-DSS and ISO 27017:27013. FPT Cloud has also been honored with other prestigious certificates and awards in Vietnam and abroad. Those achievements affirmed the exceptional quality of Vietnamese tech products and FPT Cloud's reliable partnership with over 3,000 companies in various industries.

FPT Cloud platform has become a trusted partner for over 3,000 businesses in diverse fields.

FPT Cloud platform has become a trusted partner for over 3,000 businesses in diverse fields.

The digital signature solution - FPT.eSign - and the electronic contract solution - FPT.eContract - are a set of solutions that go hand in hand with organizations and businesses in digitizing the signing process safely, conveniently, and fast. The duo has been applied in thousands of organizations, accompanying provinces in Vietnam in digital transformation. FPT.eSign is Vietnam's top digital signing service, accounting for around 70% of the market share and issuing over 10,000,000 digital certificates annually. FPT.eContract is used by over 1,500 organizations and businesses in almost all fields, such as Finance - Banking, Insurance, Securities, Manufacturing, Real Estate - Construction, and Retail. This solution has served over 4,000,000 users, with about 2,000,000 documents/contracts successfully signed.

The comprehensive ecosystem for business automation - UBot - uses core technologies, including Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and AI to achieve Intelligent Automation (IA) capabilities. UBot's advanced system contains hundreds of virtual robots simulating human manipulation in repetitive tasks on the computer environment, performing sequentially programmatic tasks, and automating business operations. UBot is a one-stop solution for the Accounting and Finance department, with powerful tools in the purchasing procedures (with UBot Invoice, Ubot Matching, UBot ePayment, UBot Statement Checking) and sales process (with UBot Sales Order, UBot Sale Invoice, UBot Payment Reminder).

SoundAI is the end-to-end MLOps platform to detect anomaly sound applied in manufacturing, aiming to revolutionize product quality testing. With up to 95% accuracy, SoundAI uses its sound detection feature for anomaly identification, which helps manufacturing plants automate product quality control and lower equipment downtime.

The digital commerce and experience service supports businesses to optimize customer experience in omnichannel marketing. Integrating the most advanced technologies to meet the growing demands, this service plays a positive role in developing the commercial distribution ecosystem, strengthening end-to-end commercial deployment capabilities, and delivering superior customer experience at every "touch point."

The Process Automation solution for the Insurance Industry - Confidon - is an AI-based solution that assists insurance businesses to automate manual tasks in the sales process as well as underwriting and claims processing. With the support of Confidon, insurers can enhance their capacity, effectively make the best use of the advantages brought by customers, and minimize risks.

VioEdu - the online learning platform - is the only one to win the Gold Award in the Website - Online Training category. By the end of March 2023, the website had about 17 million users, an increase of five times compared to 2021. In 2022, the website had 12 million page views. VioEdu's "Math Arena" competition has attracted 63 million participants since its inception. More than 10,000 schools in Vietnam teach, input, and store learning data, assign exams, and assess their students using VioEdu. According to statistics on Google Search, 'VioEdu' reached the Top 8 most prominent keywords in 2021 and the top 3 online learning keywords in 2022. From 2022 to now, the platform has an average of 1.5 million monthly searches.

Throughout its 35-year journey, FPT has continuously innovated, created, and upgraded the Made by FPT technology ecosystem based on leading trends such as AI, Cloud, Big Data, Blockchain, and Hyper Automation to develop and provide open, reliable, flexible, intelligent, secure, and highly applicable products, solutions, and platforms that bring real value and efficiency to millions of Vietnamese people, tens of thousands of businesses, and organizations across all industries globally.

In 2023, FPT Corporation, in its 35th year of development, sets the new mission of becoming a Happiness-Driven Enterprise that builds a happier future. FPT aspires to continue accompanying each individual, organization, and business on the journey of constantly creating joyful experiences through cutting-edge services and solutions. The Corporation expects to design digital platforms and solutions serving hundreds of thousands of companies and tens of millions of users, achieving world-class standards based on new technologies such as Cloud, AI, Blockchain, and more.