"Error-Fixing" Campaign And Unprecedented Gestures of Gratitude


Over 500 employees of Zenrin, Japan's largest mapping corporation, formed a circle stretching from the lobby to the third-floor hallway of their headquarters to express their gratitude to FPT. They thanked FPT for helping them fix thousands of errors, ensuring absolute accuracy in their digitized maps. These gestures of gratitude were unprecedented.

Director of FPT Japan Do Van Khac and his colleagues were lost in the applause of Zenrin employees.

Director of FPT Japan Do Van Khac and his colleagues were lost in the applause of Zenrin employees.

Upon receiving an invitation to join the project acceptance ceremony from Zenrin, Japan's largest mapping corporation, FPT Japan Director, Mr. Do Van Khac, assumed it would be similar to other project acceptances he and his colleagues had handled over the past two decades. He expected to share experiences and discuss future cooperation opportunities. With this in mind, he brought along just one associate, Nguyen Thi My Chi, who was directly in charge of the project.

But he was wrong. As soon as he entered the door, he and his colleague were met with a surprising sight: over 500 Zenrin employees standing in a circle, stretching from the lobby to the hallway on the third floor of Zenrin's headquarters. They clapped and smiled, warmly welcoming him and his colleague. They were enveloped by the sound of applause and the presence of Zenrin staff. To their astonishment, after the thunderous applause, Zenrin representatives personally presented certificates of merit to Mr. Khac and his colleague, expressing their gratitude to FPT for the successful project completion. This heartfelt and grand gesture of thanks was beyond anything Mr. Khac and his colleague had imagined.

"When I walked in, I was ecstatic and a little overwhelmed by that scene. I couldn't say anything; I could only bow my head with My Chi to respond to the customer's sincerity," Mr. Do Van Khac recalled.

Zenrin Group was founded by Mr. Masatomi Osako in 1948. Initially, Zenrin was just a publisher of travel books in Beppu, Oita, Japan. However, Zenrin set itself apart by including detailed maps in its books, making a strong impression on readers and tourists alike. As technology advanced, electronic maps became increasingly popular. Zenrin adapted to this trend and sought a reliable partner to move forward with.

FPT didn't join Zenrin from the start of the project to digitize Japan's map, but they played a crucial role in its success. Zenrin tasked FPT with "fixing" thousands of errors within three months to ensure absolute accuracy in the digitized maps. This was a massive undertaking. Failing to fix all the errors or missing the deadline would not only cost money but also damage their reputation and jeopardize relationships established since 2015. "We were determined and made a firm decision: 'If you don't meet the deadline, you have to pay for it,'" Mr. Khac recalled.

A team of 120 experienced software engineers in the field of mapping was quickly mobilized for the project. They worked tirelessly, connecting the efforts between Vietnam and Japan with a single goal: successfully fixing all errors on time. FPT updated the data, completed all operational procedures, and delivered a functional system on time to meet the customer's needs.

Quality assurance is a factor that helps FPT Japan win customer trust.

Quality assurance is a factor that helps FPT Japan win customer trust.

"At that time, we only knew that this project needed to be executed urgently and with utmost seriousness. We quickly mobilized resources, implemented the project efficiently, and provided daily reports to keep the client informed. This allowed them to understand our progress, offer timely support, and supply us with the necessary input data promptly", Mr. Do Van Khac recounted.

Zenrin received results far beyond their expectations. They welcomed FPT and awarded them a certificate of merit in a surprising and heartfelt manner. During a dinner together, as they shared stories, FPT Japan Director Do Van Khac realized just how significant FPT's contribution had been to Zenrin's success.

"Every market, especially Japan, relies heavily on trust. It's about delivering value to customers and building trust through enthusiasm and tangible results at work. When customers meet our talents, they understand our capabilities and potential to handle larger, more challenging tasks, fostering long-term relationships. I believe these points are crucial for fostering strong partnerships," Mr. Khac concluded.

Following that remarkable turnaround, Zenrin has experienced continuous growth. Numerous companies relying on maps or providing map-related services utilize Zenrin's data. FPT has become a trusted partner, collaborating with Zenrin on multiple larger and more significant projects.

The photograph capturing Zenrin Group's unprecedented moment of gratitude was widely circulated within FPT, leaving a profound impact. FPT Software Chairperson Chu Thi Thanh Ha remarked, "That photo represents the recognition of our service quality and their respect and appreciation for our technical team's intelligence. It reflects persistence, sincerity, and the belief that consistent effort earns customer trust and paves the way for significant projects."

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